Artist Endorsers


Kevin Kastning: 17-string Contraguitar and 16-string Contraguitar

Read about Kevin, his music, and my collaborations with him here.


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Doug "Little Brother" Jones: The Roberts Minstrel

Doug "Little Brother" Jones is a consummate blues musician and historian of blues and especially the acoustic country blues of Georgia. He has amassed an immense knowledge of the blues, and particularly the Georgia blues musicians from the past and present who blended the sound of the country into the hard streets of Atlanta. Not only does Doug play gigs regularly around Georgia and blues festivals around the country, he also shares his love and passion for the blues and his skill in playing it. Doug maintains a website and private forum for students of the blues where you can buy online lessons for a wide variety of acoustic blues. Little Brother Blues also has a private forum where students can share their newest songs, share recordings, get or share information about instruments, or any other subject. Doug has amassed a tremendous amount of knowledge regarding the acoustic instruments used in the blues and has worked with a multitude of luthiers in order to develop recreations of these old instruments. Doug has worked with luthiers to develop and build small run series of instruments.

With a background like this I consider it an honor and a real tribute that Doug bought one of my first Minstrel models and it has become his main acoustic blues guitar. He owns and loves many other instruments but he has been a steadfast supporter of my instruments and the Minstrel. Doug was instrumental in pushing me to design and build another guitar that would complement the Minstrel and I am well along on building his Troubadour as well.

If you are a fan of the blues do yourself a favor and check out his site at


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Tom Murphy: Octave Mandolin

Tom Murphy picked up the guitar at age 11 in St. Louis, and didn't put it down until he received a mandolin for high school graduation. Shortly thereafter, he heard the David Grisman Quintet's first album, and the mandolin quickly took center stage in his life. His inventive mandolin solos, driving rhythm, and tight harmony vocals add color to a variety of bands in his new hometown of Bozeman, Montana. Current bands include: Two Bit Franks (Original/Bluegrass/Americana) Thermal Grass (Bluegrass/Newgrass/Jazz), Murphy/ Lowell Duo (Bluegrass), Hooligans (Rock/Dylan/Dead), Lone Mountain Trio (Bluegrass/Americana), Little Jane and the Pistol Whips (Americana), and singer-songwriters Ben Bullington, Jim Averitt, Chris Cunningham, and Connor Garvey.
Tom has been invited to share the stage with Rodney Crowell, John Mayer, Tony Trishka, Jeff Hanna of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Billy Payne of Little Feet, Brewer & Shipley, and Michelle Shocked.
When not playing or doing recording session work, Tom teaches mandolin and guitar. He is the Assistant Director of the annual Targhee Music Camp in Wyoming where he coordinates jam sessions, instructional music workshops, and teaches mandolin and guitar.
Tom currently plays a Roberts Octave mandolin and has one on order in natural finish with modern styling and Dragon’s Tongue flamed maple. Tom uses Roberts Octave Mandolins live as well as utilizing it widely in recording sessions. Our relationship with Tom has paid great dividends in both directions and we look forward to continuing to work together in the future. I’m proud to call Tom an artist endorser!


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List of Artists I've worked with and for:

• Doug "Little Brother" Jones: bio and photos coming soon
• Burt Mittelstadt: bio and photos coming soon
• Consulted with Dave King Acoustics on numerous occasions regarding repairs to the SCGC guitars Eric Clapton owns.
• Janis Ian, for many years I worked with Janis and her technician, Phillip Clark to keep Janis' instruments in tip top shape.
• Herb Pedersen
• Tony Rice, worked with Tony to design and build signature SCGC instruments that Tony has played most of his career. I also have done setup on the famous Clarence White Martin that he owns
• Norman Blake, I worked intimately with Norman to make sure we built exactly the guitar Norman was needing while I was at SCGC right down to an unusual asymetrical string spacing etc. He loved it and we ended up with a Norman Blake 000 model.
• Bryan Sutton, at Rockygrass
• Chris Hillman, have worked on instruments for Chris as well as done custom work such as modified and installed walrus ivory tuning machine buttons etc.
• 1st call Nashville session musician, Steven Sheehan. I have done a lot of work on Steven's SCGC guitars besides doing major work on a wartime Gibson J-45 etc.
• 1st call Nashville session musician Mark Casstevens. I helped Mark by sending him tuners I had designed in collaboration with Grover/Trophy. I have a photo of him and Garth Brooks giving me the Thumbs up for the tuners.
• Peter Rowan, I worked on the old 1945 D18 that the late Charles Sawtelle of Hot Rize, had given to Peter when he died. The endpin came out and the guitar fell on stage and the back was broken loose from the sides and cracked in several spots. I fixed the guitar for him to a nearly un-noticeable state.
• Dudley Murphy and David Wilson of Radio Flyer in Missouri.
• Kevin Kastning, designed, helped voice and setup various extended range instruments for Kevin while I was at SCGC. Corrected intonation on instruments, and now I have designed, in collaboration with Kevin, and built the Roberts Contraguitar. This is an extended range instrument covering bass, baritone, and much of the standard guitar range. It is a magnificent instrument, and Kevin found that his expectations for this instrument were far exceeded by the reality of the instrument.
• The list goes on...