Deposits and waiting list
On standard models, I receive 1/3 deposit down, 1/3 upon beginning the guitar construction and the remaining 1/3 plus shipping and price of the desired case before I ship the instrument to you. The deposit will hold you a place on my waiting list. The waiting list duration is the time until I begin work on your instrument, not the time to actual delivery.  The waiting list averages from six months to two years; contact me for the current actual waiting list times.  Upon ordering, I will give you an idea of how long you are likely to wait for work to begin on your instrument. It generally takes 6 to 9 weeks once Iíve begun the instrument until delivery.


- Standard Models
As of January 2013, Standard models begin at $4500.00.  Some options are available but these will be very limited in order to keep prices down. Options such as custom woods that require no other engineering, design, or other significant changes will be added to the price of the standard model. Other more significant changes will be evaluated based on the additional time and engineering costs required and may deem the instrument to be considered custom; see the following "Custom" paragraph. Such details and a quote will be determined at the time of order.

- Customs
As of January 2013, Custom builds begin at $5500.00. The concept of a custom build is that we will spend significant time building a luthier/musician rapport and common tonal vocabulary which will allow me to build you the instrument of your dreams. If you have special needs, either ergonomic, tonal or musical (such as an extended range instrument) I will spend the necessary time to completely understand your needs and will then engineer and design the instrument you require. This takes considerable time and effort and often requires me to make one-off molds etc.

Currently, all extended range instruments are considered custom.

See the Options page for all custom options, pricing, and availability.

The cost of the case is not included in the instrument price.

I offer a selection of cases.  The basic case is $125.00, and is a quality deluxe multi-ply archtop hardshell case.  Other cases are available; please inquire.

Hoffee cases are available and are approximately $1150.00. This includes the Thinsulate option, which offers additional thermal protection; I strongly recommend this option.  Inquire upon placing an order for current pricing if you want a Hoffee. Sometimes I have one available but often they must be ordered well in advance.

I am finding that within the United Stated USPS Express shipping is superior to other shipping. USPS runs 24 hours per day. When you insure a guitar (which I always do) they actually cover the guitar if it is damaged. I have not found this to be the case with UPS or FedEx. Shipping express anywhere in the US is generally about $150.00 for 1-2 day service, and this includes insurance up to $5,000.00 value.

Contact Information

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